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Instructions to the Authors

The language of the conference is English. Research papers, research-in-progress papers, research and teaching cases, and panel proposals must be submitted in electronic form. No paper submissions will be allowed unless cleared with Matti Rossi, the Technical Coordinator Chair well in advance of the May 1, 1998 deadline. Submissions may be in the following common document exchange formats:

HTML files can be send, but you need to contact Matti Rossi about how to do that. If your submission is larger than one Mb you should compress the submission using Zip compression. If you have large images, please use JPEG format for them. Make sure, that all of the images are saved within the documend if you are sending a Word DOC file.


See the formatting guidelines for submissions by selecting a link below

Submitting your paper online

The paper can be submitted online by clicking the heading above. Please see help below for filling the information to the forms.

Paper and author information page

The paper and author information (the first page information) should be given the following manner:



Paper info

First author last and first name Contact author
Other authors Other authors as a list
Organization Contact authors organization
Address Complete mailing address
Phone number Phone number with country code
Fax number Fax number with country code
Email address Email address for contact author

Paper info

Title Descriptive title of the paper (255 characters)
Type The type of submission (research paper, research-in-progress, panel proposal, teaching case), select one from the drop down list.
Track The track for which the submission should be considered (Research, Case Research, Teaching Case, Crossing Boundaries, Wide open boundaries; Boundary spanning; Millennium boundary spanning), select one from the drop down list.
Audio-visual requirements The audio-visual, computer, and network requirements for your presentation if the submission is accepted (e.g., overhead projector, 35mm slides, computer video projection system, Internet connection, telephone line)
File type The MIME type of your file (Doc for Word documents, PS for post-script, PDF for Adobe Acrobat documents, Zip for packed version of the above. If you are sending a set of html files, zip then into one packet and send that. PDF is the preferred format. Post-script almost as nice.
Keywords A set of keywords from "A Keyword Classification Scheme for IS Research Literature", MIS Quarterly, June 1993, pp. 210-220, the Keywords will be used in assigning referees for the paper reviews. You can access the list by clicking the name of the field.
Submit button Submits the information and checks for missing values.
Reset button Resets the fields.


Submit Paper page

If your data has been recorded ok there will be a confirmation in this page. Please send your paper (without any author information) to ICIS post office as a MIME attachment to an email, easiest way to do it is by clicking the link above. The email Subject should be the name of your paper as it appears in the author information form. You will get a confirmation of your submission in a few days after that and be able to check your papers appearance online after 3th of May.

Submission Data Error page

Your submission information was not recorded. Please use back to go back to the form and try submitting it again. If the form submission fails, please send email to ICIS post office, where the body contains the author information and the paper is a MIME attachment. You will get a confirmation of your submission in a few days after that.

Send comments to: mrossi@cis.gsu.edu