HELSINKI, FINLAND December 13-16, 1998

Changes in Conference Schedule


9:00 a.m.-10:30 a.m.
Opening Plenary Session -- Reflections on Global Ethical Management, Richard O. Mason, Carr P. Collins Distinguished Professor, Southern Methodist University; Jouni Backman, Note; correct title is: Minister for Administrative Affairs
Session M2.5


Case 1 Communication and Distributive Work

Chair Michael Myers, University of Auckland

Paper "Supporting Cooperation in a Virtual Organization," Markus Rittenbruch, Helge Kahler, and Armin B. Cremers, University of Bonn
Discussant Vivek Choudhury, Florida State University

Paper "Knowledge Barriers to Diffusion of Telemedicine," Huseyin Tanriverdi, Boston University, and C. Suzanne Iacono, National Science Foundation
Note; discussant changed, new discussant is Kristin Braa, University of Oslo

Session M3.3


Teaching 2     Redesigning the IT Function

Chair Prabuddha De, University of Dayton

Paper "Riverbank Financial: Balancing the Pendulum," Kathryn Brohman and Sid L. Huff, University of Western Ontario; Duncan Copeland, Georgetown University
Note, new discussant is Guy Fitzgerald, Brunel University

Session M3.4


Panel 2 Four Perspectives for Understanding Work Practices: Giddens, Bourdieu, Foucault, and Narrative

Chair Ulrike Schultz, Southern Methodist University

Panelists Richard J. Boland, Jr., Case Western Reserve University
Note: Lynda Harvey, Griffith University is unfortunately not able to come 
Helena Karsten, University of Cambridge and University of Jyväskylä

Session M4.2


Meet the New Editors

Chair Robert W. Zmud, University of Oklahoma

Guests Philip Ein-Dor, Tel Aviv University, JAIS and CAIS
Allen Lee, Virginia Commonwealth University, MIS Quarterly
Jukka Heikkilä, Helsinki School of Economics, Scandinavian Journal of Information Systems
Note, new guest: Izak Benbasat, University of British Columbia, Information Systems Research

Session M4.4

Fennia I

Panel 3     Acquiring and Implementing ERP: The View from Business and Academia

Note, new chair: Hans van der Heijder, Price Waterhouse

Panelists M. Lynne Markus, Claremont Graduate School
Note, Scheer and Wortmann are not coming
Kuldeep Kumar, Erasmus University

Session T1.5


Wide Open      Changing Boundaries: Evidence from the Field
Boundaries 3

Chair Graham Pervan, Curtin University

Paper "Shifting Boundaries and New Technologies: A Case Study in the UK Banking Sector," Susan V. Scott, The London School of Economics, and Geoff Walsham, University of Cambridge
Discussant Derrick Neufeld, Note: correct university is the University of Manitoba

Paper "Technology as Traitor: Emergent SAP Infrastructure in a Global Organization," Ole Hanseth and Kristin Braa, University of Oslo
Discussant Craig Standing, Edith Cowan University

2:00 p.m.-3:30 p.m.

Session T3.1

Note; new location: Fennia I

Research 5 Global IS Issues

Chair Kevin Crowston, Syracuse University

Paper "Developing a Successful Information and Communication Technology Industry: The Role of Venture Capital, Knowledge, and the Government," T. Vinig, University of Amsterdam; R. Blocq, J. Braafhart, and O. Laufer, Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam
Discussant Ann Brown, City University Business School

Paper "Patterns in the Organization of Transnational Information Systems," William R. King, University of Pittsburgh, and Vikram Sethi, Southwest Missouri State University
Discussant Karen Loch, Georgia State University

Session T3.4

Note; new location: Nautica

Panel 5      Approaches to Using the Year 2000 Problem in Information Systems Courses

Chair Michael Vitale, University of Melbourne

Panelists Ben Light, Manchester Business School
Gerhard Knolmayer, University of Bern
John Mooney, University College Dublin

Session W1.3


Case 3     Problems, Knowledge, Solutions

Note, chair changed: John Venable

Paper "Energizing the Nexus of Corporate Knowledge: A Portal Toward the Virtual Organization," Alexander Y. Yap and Niels Bjørn-Andersen, Copenhagen Business School
Note, Discussant changed: Vivek Choudry, Florida State University

10:30 a.m.-12:00 noon

Session W2.1


Panel 10     Telework Practice Across National Cultures

Chair Sandy Staples, University of Melbourne

Panelists Arnstein Borstad, Statoil Research Center
Note, Scharam Dusdar is from University of Art/Centre for Informatics, Austria
Nava Pliskin, Ben Gurion University
Celia T. Romm, University of Wollongong
Margaret Tan, National University of Singapore

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