1. Which of the following cities has the largest number of registered mobile phone owners per population?

a) Helsinki

b) Los Angeles

c) Tokyo

2. Literature question: What is the name of the Finnish epic hero?

a) Himiko

b) Wainamo

c) Hiawatha

d) Gilgamesh

3. Geography question: Helsinki and St Petersburg are located

a) at the same latitude but west from the western most border of Russia (Y/N)

b) at the same latitude but east from the western most border of Russia (Y/N)

c) none of the above, but _____________________________

4. Name the famous Finnish composer?

a) Topelius

b) Sibelius

c) Pipelius

5. Where did the name 'Finn' originates from?

a) shows the evolution from fish to a man

b) indicates the need of 'Finns' in order to move around the many lakes

c) none of the above, but ______________________________________

6. How many lakes there are in Finland?

a) less than 50

b) about 100

c) about 1000

d) about 100,000

e) none of those above, but ______________________________________

7. Biology question: "5 minutes landing" means how many mosquitoes will land on a square cm area of bare human skin in 5 minutes in Helsinki during July and December.

a) In July: less than 5

b) In July: about 500

c) In December: less than 5

d) In December: about 500

8. Helsinki was occupied during WW2 for how many months?

a) 6 months

b) 12 months

c) 36 months

d) none of those above, but ______________________________________

9. Helsinki is warmer than Boston in December

a) True

b) False

c) The average temperatures in Helsinki and in Boston are _______ and ________

10. Does Finland have Polar Bears?

a) True

b) Not true

c) I do not know

11. Is there enough light in December in Finland so that you can find your way?

a) No

b) Yes

c) You do not need any light, as you cannot get anywhere because you are stuck in snow.

12. What is Nokia?

a) A Japanese company?

b) A Norwegian company?

c) A Finnish company?

d) A Finnish town?

13. Which country has the largest number of Internet domain names / capita?

a) USA

b) Norway

c) Finland

14. In which country was the LINUX operating system developed?

a) USA

b) Germany

c) Finland

15. Virtual Helsinki

a) means the city doesn't really exists as it is so far away

b) refers to a famous restaurant in Helsinki

c) world's first virtual reality representation of a city and its services



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